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Doggy Day Care ?

Your pets deserve a Houston Doggy Day Care away just as much as you do, so bring them to The Dog House Pet Salon for a day of fun and excitement.

Just as with your boarders, your dog can enjoy socialization with other dogs and people, supervised play time, and Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, while giving you the peace of mind knowing that your best friend is well cared for and in good hands. All Day Care dogs enjoy the lavish comforts of cage-free boarding, soothing surround sound music, plasma television, and a large outside play area to release energy.

All Day Care penthouses, including the outside play area, are equipped with webcams so that you may check in on your loved ones at any time during the day.

Each pet will be assessed a one-time $25.00 temperament test fee to ensure that your pet is not toy, water or food aggressive or aggressive towards staff or any other pets, prior to being assigned to a specific playgroup. Once your pet is introduced to the playgroup, he/she will continue to remain with that playgroup to promote consistent socialization, a stronger bond with others in the group, and good behavior.

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Just like everyone is entitled to a day of pampering and fun, your pets also deserve the same pleasures. Taking your dog to a Pet Salon can be the most exciting thing for him.

When you take your dog out for daycare, he/she can meet and socialize with other dogs and humans while playing outdoors, which will help burn off energy. Without exercise, dogs can get frustrated and overexcited, which can lead them to cause havoc in the house. However, with proper day care services, your dog can relax with the finest comforts available to all of our four-legged friends.

We don’t put dogs in caged kennels but instead provide them with comfortable rooms and a large outdoor play area. Pets are assigned to groups with other compatible dogs, therefore, they can really enjoy the time spent with their furry friends. We provide a complete system of health and safety requirements so that your loved one can enjoy his day without the fear of sickness and/or injury.

We know you require the best for your family member and we fulfill that requirement by providing the best daycare facilities for your special friend.

To view our Day Care Notice & Acknowledgement and Required Vaccinations, click here

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